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Greenbush Bar

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Greenbush Bar


Greenbush Bar

914 Regent St,
Madison WI 53715
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The Greenbush Bar is located in the basement of the historic Italian Workman's Club building, 914 Regent Street in Madison. The "Bush" was an ethnic neighborhood that housed many immigrants. Most were Siciians and Albanians but there were also a large number of Jews, African Americans and Germans. The neighborhood was Madison's "Little Italy" and was filled with restaurants, Italian grocery stores butchershops and bars. In the early days there was bootlegging, gangsters and secrets. Sadly, in 1960 the city condemned the neighborhood, forcing the people out, against their will, to make way for urban renewal. It was a sad time for all. My Grandparents immigrated here from Sicily via New York and Chicago. My mother and eight of her siblings were born in the Greenbush as were myself and my two sisters. Fast forward to 2013. We are dedicated to using as much local and organic ingredients as possible. We have collaborated with Pecatonica Valley Farm, Hollandale, Wisconsin to serve our customers free range, antibiotic and hormone free Beef, Pork, Chicken and Eggs. We also use a variety of meats, cheeses and other products that are imported from Italy.

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